Is IMDB down?

 No, it's up!

IMDb is a site that is used by the entertainment industry and fans of cinema, televison and celebrities to store and locate information about different films and shows. People can also find and read the profiles of actors and actresses.


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IMDB Server Status (Last 24 hours)

Presents IMDB's server response time over the last 24 hours. Increases in network response time can be an indicator for service outages or down servers. Persistent network outages are a clear sign that IMDB is down for everyone not just you.

IMDB Reports (Last 24 hours)

Presents IMDB's reports of the last 24 hours in comparison to the baseline of reports from other days. An increased number of reports can be an indicator for bigger service outages. A high number of reports is a sign that other people have issues with IMDB and not just you.

IMDB Customer Support

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