Is it down? Service Outage & Downtime Detection

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Frequently Asked Questions

Downtimer is a service outage and issue tracker that continously monitors popular internet services for service interruptions and makes them transparent to end users.

A service outage is the sudden loss of service's functionality, usually due to technical difficulties.

A service going down is usually happens when a service's server infrastructure becomes disconnected from the broader internet or fails to communicate to the occurence of internal server errors. Corrupted databases can also often be the issue as well as failing cloud infrastructure.

Downtimer tracks the outages and downtimes of the most popular internet services, online stores, apps, games, as well as video & music streaming services and internet service providers.

Downtimer constantly monitors the reachability, uptime and downtime of the services. Reported issues, problems and outages on social media are also consistantly anaylzed.

If you are experiencing issues with a service it's hard to know if the issue only occurs on your device or if a broader area is impacted. You can use Downtimer to check if other users of the service are also impacted by an outage.

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